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Jack Li receives the first prize at the 2nd Annual Alberta High School Japanese Language Contest
Participants of the Japan Culture Day learn how to play taiko drums with help from members of Midnight Taiko.
23rd Alberta District Japanese Speech Contest
From Left: His Hounour, Colonel (Retired), The Honourable Donald S. Ethell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Her Honour, Mrs. Linda Ethell, Mrs. Alicia Fukuda & Consul General Susumu Fukuda
Japan Film Festival April


Japan Culture Day
Ambassador Okuda's Official Visit to Saskatchewan


Consul General Susumu Fukuda and Mr. Rocky Oishi
Kakehashi Participants visiting Lake Louise
Ms. Cathy Tennant and Consul General Susumu Fukuda
Students from Takamizu and Iwakuni High Schools in Yamaguchi Prefecture pose with Consul General Fukuda and Associate Minister Teresa Woo-Paw.




Great East Japan Earthquake
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The Eighth International MANGA Award
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Japan Endless Discovery

Japan-China Relations
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N. Korea abductions
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