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In support of the Japan Men’s and Women’s Curling Team Representatives for the Pyeongchang Olympics during their Calgary Visit

Consul-General Tanabe visited members of the Pyeongchang Olympics Japan Men’s and Women’s National Curling Team participating in the World Curling Tour during their away series in Calgary. The two teams visiting in order to participate in the Red Deer Curling Classic were The Japan National Women’s Curling Team from LS Kitami (Kitami-City Hokkaido Prefecture) and The Japan National Men’s Curling Team from SC Karuizaiwa (Karuiziwa-City, Nagano Prefecture). The Women’s Team finished in second place. During this visit the Consul General conveyed his hopes for both teams to continue their efforts going forward as well as for them to dedicate themselves to the development of curling matches as a symbol of Japan-Canada friendship.