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Japan Culture Workshop for Teachers

The Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary held a Japan Culture Workshop designed for junior high-school teachers.

We have been hosting this event for the last 4 years together with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) to promote understanding of Japanese Culture among teachers in Calgary, whose curriculum includes subjects related to Japan.

At this workshop, a judo demonstration was presented by Dr. Yamashita from Hiro’s Judo Club, a calligraphy workshop by Eishun of Sho Artworks, a rice-ball (onigiri) making workshop by Kotobuki-Kai, as well as a lecture from the Calgary Japanese Community Association. In addition, our office introduced online teaching materials such as the Japan Fact Sheet and Japan Video Topics during the workshop.

To start off the workshop, Consul General Tanabe asked the participant teachers to find something captivating about Japanese culture and bring that back to their classrooms to enlighten students, in order to help them appreciate the beauty of cultural differences. CBE System Assistant Principal Ms. Sanimar Sarpal expressed her hopes that the teachers who attended the workshop would gain the ability to instill a global mindset in every one of their students.

Consul General Tanabe

Calgary Board of Education, System Assistant Principle, Ms. Sarpal

Lecture by Ms. Kathrine Nugent, President of the Calgary Kotobuki Society

Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy Workshop

Judo Demonstration

Japanese Rice-ball Workshop