Visas for Non-Japanese Citizens


IMPORTANT – For visitors entering Japan on October 11, 2022, visa exemption measures have been restored. Please be aware that the proof of vaccination or PCR test result (depending on your vaccination status) will remain mandatory (details).

  • Japan Visa Information Hotline(24hours/7 days a week, English only)

       TEL 1-888-9842-291. 

This hotline is designated for visa applicants residing in Canada.
If you are calling from Canada, you will be charged a domestic call fee for your call.
This Hotline will only provide general information regarding Japanese visas.
The Hotline will not connect you to the Cosulate-General's Visa section. If you need to contact the Cosulate-General of Japan in Calgary in regards to a pending visa application,
please contact us Directly at (403)294-0782 between 11am to 12pm or 3pm to 4pm.

Please contact the following, using the information below for inquiries regarding status of residence and re-entry permission as a result of refusal of landing measures as a countermeasure for the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection:

*All applicants must call our office to arrange an appointment to apply for a visa and submit all documents in person at the Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary. Please contact us at least 1 month prior to your departure date.

Visa pick up Applicant is required a government issued photo ID and the fee(Cash only).

  • Visa phone line is available between 11am to 12pm and 3pm to 4pm.
  • Visa application appointments can only be arranged by telephone at (403)294-0782 between 11am to 12pm or 3pm to 4pm.
  • If you are a Canadian citizen holding a Canadian passport you are exempt from acquiring a Temporary Visitor Visa as long as your visit to Japan complies with the Temporary Visitor Visa criteria below. For other than Canadian citizen, please see the link if you qualify for a Temporary visitor's visa exemption.