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Award Ceremony and Reception for the 2018 Japan Photo Contest

On October 25th at the official residence of the Consul General, an award ceremony and reception were held in honour of the winners of the 2018 Japan Photo Contest. Consul General Kobayashi awarded the winners with a certificate and prizes from our generous contest sponsors, Nikon Canada Inc., The Camera Store, and Japanab Magazine.
In his remarks Consul General hailed the contest a success, with this year receiving 10 times the amount of photo entries since the contest’s inception. Nikon Canada Ambassador, Mr. Kristian Bogner also spoke to the guests, remarking on several notable anniversaries this year, including the 90th Anniversary of Japan-Canada Relations and Nikon’s recent 100th Anniversary, while Calgary Councillor for Ward 3, Ms. Jyoti Gondek, proposed a toast to the winners and the contest’s future success.
Guests at the reception also had the chance to hear the interesting stories behind the photos directly from the winners, including the grand prize winner’s exciting account of how he actually caught on fire while photographing the festival depicted.
Once again thank you to all our sponsors and those that submitted photos and assisted with promoting the contest. We hope for your continued support in our future events.

Calgary Councillor Jyoti Gondek with Consul General and Mrs. Kobayashi

Consul General's Opening Remarks

Remarks by Mr. Kristian Bogner, Nikon Canada Ambassador

Winner of the Culture, Food & Festivals category

Winner of the Japanab special prize and Japanab Sponsor Representative, Ms. Miwa Weninger

Winner of Consul General’s special prize and The Camera Store Representative, Ms. Evelyn Drake

Winner of the Nikon Canada Grand Prize (center) and sponsors

The story behind the grand prize photo is told

Group photo with Councillor Gondek, Consul General & Mrs. Kobayashi, Contest Winners, and Sponsors