2016 Japan Photo Contest Winners


The 2016 Japan Photo Contest judging took place on July 22nd at the Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary, having received 220 photo entries from across our jurisdiction, more than doubling the number of entries from the previous year. We would like to sincerely thank all of those that entered this year's contest for their spectacular photos and the stories behind them. With so many beautiful entries that often held deep meaning, the Consul-General and accompanying photographer judges, Mr. Gerry Thomas and Mr. Tony Wong, had a difficult time narrowing them to the final ten.

The winners will be honoured at a reception in August, as well as have their photos printed and displayed at Consulate-General events in promotion of Japan and Japan-Canada relations.

The winning photos for 2016 are:
Grand Prize Winner
Nicholas Sarich - Grand Prize
Nicholas Sarich - Grand Prize

1. "Japan & Canada" Category
Ken McManus - 1<sup>st</sup> Place
Ken McManus - 1st Place

Timothy Ma - 2<sup>nd</sup> Place
Timothy Ma - 2nd Place

Robert Hui - 3<sup>rd</sup> Place
Robert Hui - 3rd Place

2. Culture, Food & Festivals of Japan Category
Monique Nenson - 1<sup>st</sup> Place
Monique Nenson - 1st Place

Visti Kjar - 2<sup>nd</sup> Place
Visti Kjar - 2nd Place

Taylor White - 3<sup>rd</sup> Place
Taylor White - 3rd Place

3. Nature & Landmarks of Japan Category
Luca Li - 1<sup>st</sup> Place
Luca Li - 1st Place

Lei Shao - 2<sup>nd</sup> Place
Lei Shao - 2nd Place

Owen Murray - 3<sup>rd</rd> Place
Owen Murray - 3rd Place