Message from the MEXT Scholarship AAPP President


  Welcome to the MEXT Scholarship Alumni Association of Prairie Provinces. It is an honor to be one of the members for the preparation of this wonderful organization. Here we come together, to recall the memory of being awarded the MEXT scholarship, and once again confirm the valuable experience we all shared, and further apply it to our current and future career.

  To all of us, our time in Japan studying with the support of MEXT is a great treasure. Among us, some have completed such an experience only a few years ago, while others had it back some ten or even twenty years earlier. The topic of studies may have been Japanese language and culture, or perhaps a field in social or natural science. No matter how much time passes, we always remember those days when we were concentrated on learning, supported by careful and thoughtful encouragement from the Japanese government and the local institution.

  I was among those fortunate people, having received the MEXT scholarship beginning in the early 1980s, for a total of more than five years. With such great support, I was able to put all my time in to the learning of classical Japanese literature, and eventually received a Ph.D. in Literature from Kyoto University in 1989. Furthermore, I was able to stay in the same research field since then, while working as a professor of Japanese, continuing to research classical literature while living in Canada. My time as a student in Kyoto was one of my best memories, a highlight of my life.

  My hope is that the MEXT Scholarship Alumni Association of Prairie Provinces will bring all of us together. Please invite people with the same experience whom you know, and let us start to build a new relationship. Renewing the memory of our time as students, we will put our knowledge, wisdom and energy together, to contribute to the friendship between Canada and Japan and further the development of these two countries.

  Dr. X. Jie Yang President of the MEXT Scholarship Alumni Association of Prairie Provinces (Professor in the School of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures, University of Calgary)




(カルガリー大学語学・言語学・文学・文化学スクール 教授)