MEXT Scholarship Alumni Association of Prairie Provinces AGM


The 2016 Annual General Meeting for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) scholarship alumni was held at the official residence of the Consul General on January 10, 2016. Four previous scholarship recipients as well as Consul-General Tanabe and his wife were in attendance at the meeting, as was Alumni Chairperson and University of Calgary Professor X. Jie Yang. Established in October of 2015 and named the MEXT Alumni Association of Prairie Provinces, it was decided at this meeting that an Alumni Association page would be set up on the Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary homepage.

In the friendly and sociable atmosphere of the dinner, attendees shared their individual experiences as exchange students to Japan, what it was that made them interested in Japan, and related how they fared during their exchange period as well as after returning home from the experience.