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Japan-Canada Twinnings Under the Jurisdiction of the Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary

Sister town and city relationships create a positive environment in which international mutual understanding can be fostered. The benefits of such twinnings are evident in all aspects of community life. Not only do municipalities participate in cultural exchanges, but the sharing of business, educational, and industrial knowledge is an important aspect of these international exchanges.  To find out more about setting up a twinning relationship with a community in Japan, please visit the Council of Local Authorities for International Relations site regarding International Affiliation Exchange Consulting.

Within the Consulate General of Japan at Calgary's jurisdiction, there are 19 official twinning relationships. The City of Winnipeg is twinned with Setagaya Ward in Tokyo. Eighteen of these twinnings are in the province of Alberta. In fact, Alberta has the second highest number of twinnings with Japanese communities in Canada with British Columbia having the most.

The Year 2010 marked the 30th anniversary of the friendship between Hokkaido Prefecture and the Province of Alberta. On September 5, 1980 these two regions were officially twinned. This is a very unique relationship because Alberta is the only province that is twinned with a Japanese prefecture.

For general information on the two regions, visit the Province of Alberta or Hokkaido Prefecture websites.

Regarding the list of recognized local International Exchange Associations in Japan, please visit the following website: