Consul General Kobayashi participates in Bunka Centre Ground Breaking Ceremony at Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

On Friday, September 11th, Consul-General Shigenobu Kobayashi participated in the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Bunka Center at the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in Lethbridge, Alberta. During the ground breaking ceremony, a smudging and land-blessing ceremony by an Elder of the local indigenous peoples as well as a Buddhist Calming of the Earth Spirits ceremony were also performed.

(More information available in Lethbridge Herald article.)

Consul-General Kobayashi Participates in Ground Breaking Blessing Ceremony

Greetings from Consul General Kobayashi

Consul-General Kobayashi, Lethbridge Mayor Spearman, Members of Lethbridge Garden and District Society Reverend Imaizumi, Elder Calvin Williams at Ground Blessing Ceremony

Greetings from Elder Calvin Williams