Ceremony of Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays to Ms. Kumiko Lucy Yamashita

On November 28th, Ms. Kumiko Lucy Yamashita was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays from the Spring Conferment of 2020. A ceremony was held at the Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (Winnipeg), which was co-sponsored by our Consulate and Japanese Cultural Association of Manitoba (JCAM).
In Winnipeg, the temperature had dropped due to the snowfall the day before, but around 75 people, including relatives and friends, gathered at the venue to honour and celebrate Ms. Yamashita.

Ms. Yamashita was the Director of the Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and the first Vice President of JCAM.

Consul General Uchida praised Ms. Yamashita for her contributions to the promotion of exchanges between Japanese Canadians and Japanese Immigrants, and the spread of Japanese culture through the activities of the Manitoba Japanese Canadian Culture Centre for many years. Consul General also commended Ms. Yamashita for playing a leading role in exchanges between local governments of Winnipeg and Setagaya Ward in Tokyo, which are sister cities.

During the ceremony, in addition to Ms. Yamashita’s relatives and friends, Nobuto Hosaka, Mayor of Setagaya also gave congratulatory remarks, and Ms. Yamashita expressed her gratitude to all the people who came to celebrate.

↓Please watch the video of the Conferment ceremony, filmed by JCAM.

The celebration was also featured in Manitoba local news, thanks to the efforts of JCAM President Kaita
↓Article by CTV News Winnipeg.
(Conferment Ceremony in Progress. Left: Ms. Yamashita, Right: Consul General Uchida) (Speech by Ms. Yamashita)
(Manitoba Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre) (After the ceremony, JCAM Executives take a photo with Ms. Yamashita)