Four seasons in Calgary

This article marks the final part of the twelve-part series, which ran for about two months since early October.

This time, the office would like to show pictures that its member took for years. Please try to identify the locations where these pictures were taken. Majority were taken in Calgary. If you can identify all the locations, you are certainly knowledgeable about Calgary!

First, see the right picture. It was a cold, and snowy day.

From spring to early summer.

Calgary’s staple in July.

Then, fall came. A partial lunar eclipse was also observed in this fall.

Seasons come around and spring came again. This year, Calgarians were excited to watch the “Battle of Alberta” till early summer.

Summer and “Omikoshi (portable Shinto shrine)”. So good!
In early fall, we heard a Royal obituary. To express condolence, Telus Sky was illuminated with the colours of the Union Jack.

Twilight in a fall day. The Canadian Rockies were seen behind trees with yellow leaves. Then, a hike outside the city.

Seasons came around again, and a lion dance was performed to celebrate Chinese New Year. The next picture captured a firing dragon. (This object has no relation to China.)

Summer came again. Powerful chuck wagon races and annual fireworks festival.

Since this fall.

And before conclusion, the office shows another picture.

Every year in this season, Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden in Lethbridge holds the “Winter Light Festival”. (Please see the picture on the next page. This was taken in late November.) Thogh it is very cold, the illumination under the freezing sky is worth watching. The Festival will run from December through to February this winter. Before the visit, dress warm and do not forget to doublecheck the opening day and time on the Garden’s website (Shown below).

Home - Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

This is the end of the series with twelve stories. Thank you very much for reading the stories. This office hopes you like them.

This office will tell interesting, and/or useful stories in the future again. Even though the office has not decided when it will tell the next stories yet, please wait with anticipation.

Last, but not least, this office wishes you good health in the cold season and also enjoyment of the holidays.