Calgary Taiko Performer Visit by Eitetsu Hayashi and Eitetsu Fu-un no Kai (August 8th – 13th)


From August 8th to 13th Taiko performer Eitetsu Hayashi and Eitetsu Fu-un no Kai visited Calgary from Japan kicking off their cross-Canada tour organized by the Japan Foundation. In addition to the main performance at Studio Bell, Mr. Hayashi and the Group held a Taiko workshop at Mount Royal University and an additional performance at the Calgary Japanese Festival Omatsuri – and the powerful heartbeat of Taiko resounded across Calgary for 5 days.

At the workshop Mr. Hayashi taught his own creative work entitled, “Sen-no-kaikyou” providing valuable advice to each of the participants. This workshop saw members from all Japanese Taiko groups across Alberta gather together for the first time, facilitating an exchange between the participants.

In continuation the following day, the initial performance in the concert tour saw in attendance many members of the general public, as well as a Member of Parliament, Members of the Alberta Legislative Assembly, and members of the Calgary Consular Corps, furthering mutual understanding with Japan. The audience’s hearts were captured by the interweaving of stillness and movement created by Mr. Hayashi and Fu-un no Kai, earning an extended standing ovation.

In addition, the next day at the Calgary Japanese Festival Omatsuri (organized by the CJCA) a large crowd gathered around the main stage to view a collaborative performance by Mr. Hayashi, Fu-un no Kai, and the participants of the earlier-held workshop.

The Workshop at MRU

The Concert at Studio Bell

The Calgary Japanese Festival “Omatsuri”

Consul-General Kobayashi, Mrs. Kobayashi, Mr. Eitetsu Hayashi, Fu-un no Kai and others at the official residence