Consul General Kobayashi’s Official Visit to Saskatchewan: October 28-31, 2018

Consul General Kobayashi conducted an official visit to Saskatchewan from October 28-31, 2018. During his visit the Consul General had the pleasure of meeting a number of leaders in government, business, and other stakeholders. Some of the people he met with in the provincial government: Hon. Thomas Molloy – Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Hon. Scott Moe – Premier of Saskatchewan, Hon. Mark Docherty – Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Hon. David Marit – Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Tina Beaudry-Mellor – Minister of Advanced Education, Hon. Bronwyn Eyre – Minister of Energy and Resources, Hon. Jeremy Harrison – Minister of Trade and Export Development, His Worship Michael Fougere – the Mayor of Regina, and representatives from big business. He also met with the president and others from the University of Regina, the University of Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic to help build more ties. He also has made the ties closer with representatives of the Japanese community. Overall the trip has led to the enhancement of relationships between Japan and the province in various areas.

Honorary Consul General Sawa, Consul General Kobayashi, and His Honour, Lieutenant Governor Molloy

Consul General Kobayashi meeting with Premier Scott Moe

Consul General Kobayashi, Speaker of the Leg. Assembly – Mark Docherty, and Honourary Consul General Sawa

Consul General Kobayashi and Minister of Agriculture – David Marit

Consul General Kobayashi, Minister of Advanced Education – Tina Beaudry-Mellor, and Honourary Consul General Sawa

Honourary Consul General Sawa, Minister of Energy and Resources – Hon. Bronwyn Eyre, and Consul General Kobayashi

Consul General Kobayashi and Minister of Trade and Export Development – Jeremy Harrison

Honourary Consul General Sawa, His Worship Michael Fougere – Mayor of Regina, and Consul General Kobayashi

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Sask Power