Consul General Takahiko Watabe's Visit to Eavor Technologies Inc., a Geothermal Technology Development Company: May 25, 2023

On May 25, Consul General Takahiko Watabe visited the headquarters of geothermal technology developer Eavor Technologies Inc. The "closed-loop geothermal technology" being researched and developed by Eavor is different from conventional methods in that it involves drilling a network of loops connecting the surface to several thousand meters underground, and extracting heat from the underground by circulating water as a heat medium in the loops. This new technology creates the potential to becoming a breakthrough in achieving net-zero emissions, the meeting also resulted in a fruitful exchange of views on the future utilization of the new technology, its prospects, and cooperation with Japan.

With Mr. Ethier and Mr. Cairns at HQ of Eavor Technologies Inc. in Calgary