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Suite 950, 517-10th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 0A8
Tel: (403) 294-0782
Fax: (403) 294-1645

Please note the Area of Jurisdiction for our office.

Consular Section (For issues regarding passports, various forms of identification, official family registry / nationality, protection of nationals, and visas)

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JET Programme Section (For issues regarding the Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme)

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Information & Culture Section (For issues regarding cultural events, MEXT Scholarships, tourism, and cultural items)

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Economic Section (For issues regarding economics)

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For inquiries from, or regarding the following regions, please contact the appropriate Japanese mission

Northern Ontario: The Embassy of Japan in Ottawa
Southern Ontario: The Consulate-General of Japan at Toronto
British Columbia and the Yukon Territory: The Consulate-General of Japan at Vancouver
Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces: The Consulate-General of Japan at Montreal